Atelier Luxus

Exquisite hand finished switching & accessories

The Facets of Perfection

Atelier Luxus designs control panels unlike any you’ve ever seen. They’re like little gems that brighten any space. Some are sleek and discreet, while others are an expression of pure extravagance.

Atelier Luxus stays on the cutting-edge of design by blending different types of metal in an ultra-slim shape, offering an infinity of combinations of switches, sockets, buttons and features.

Manufactured in solid brass to withstand the test of time and made from materials of exceptional quality, each product Atelier Luxus benefits from the know-how of expert goldsmiths. These unique pieces present finishings of unmatched finesse and richness of tones.

Heritage of Luxus

Like an artisan jeweller, Atelier Luxus crafts unique pieces. Discover our collections of sockets and switches.These pieces are like luxury diamonds for your home interior. Make any space sparkle. Add a sophisticated, prestigious touch to your lighting. Designed to perfection, down to the last detail. Create a feeling of luxury and refinement.

Heritage of Luxus, the essential switches and sockets line. With this collection, it's exposed screws and two formats, Atelier Luxus offers a canvas on which the talents of craftsmen and designers fully express themselves to sublimate classical interiors as much as contemporary ones.


Edges of Luxus

Strained lines that give life to a style. It is with this praise of purity and simplicity that he most sophisticated interiors can express themselves freely.

Edges of Luxus, the new switches and sockets line, brings now the luxury and palace experience to the hand, combining extraordinary craftsmanship with pure design and rich tones, one of Luxus trademarks. With its exquisite details, solid precious metal and unrivalled shaping, the quality is expressed in both aesthetic and feel.

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