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A complete understanding of all aspects of lighting

Who we are

London Lightworks are a team of creative, award winning lighting designers with complete technical understanding of all aspects of lighting scheme design, product specification and lighting control.

We work with architects, interior designers and private clients as part of the professional design team applying our specialist lighting expertise to prime residential, hospitality and marine projects.

Importantly, we are an independent design house providing us complete creative freedom in our design process. This enables our designers to select the best products from a world of ever-changing options to produce stunning results that captivate and amaze time and time again.

& Background

Our award-winning team have decades of lighting design experience combined with a wealth of knowledge in both interior & product design.

We have great experience working with all the leading lighting control and home automation systems as well as benefitting from our own in-house R&D department where we test the products we specify with the latest dimming control technologies.

Our unique combination of technical expertise, creative design skill and product knowledge has positioned us at the very forefront of our industry allowing us to deliver projects of exceptional quality worldwide. As a team, we push design boundaries and question decisions made to ensure we deliver the most intuitive, considered and effective schemes to surpass our client’s expectations.

Our Approach

Our approach is comprehensive, but what we offer is different. We’ll work closely with you from the brief, ensuring all your needs are met in a creative yet practical way. Feedback is paramount to us in delivering a project that meets your aspirational goals. Our role as lighting consultants does not stop at lighting. We will review and comment on other relevant documentation to ensure all elements work in harmony resulting on a greater level of coordination and a more considered scheme.

Regardless of budget we will apply the same high standards to all of our work. Each project has to undergo our tried and tested economic sustainability test. Ensuring it offers not only best value but will stand the test of time offering financial return to our client if looking to develop & sell.

We are also completely independent with  no ties to any lighting manufacturers. This allows us to apply our experience in specifying fittings and equipment from worldwide market, working to our clients’ advantage in getting the very best specification within the given budget.

We’re very hands on during installation. Our site presence is welcomed by the team in terms of both design and technical assistance. Briefing the site team is of paramount importance in helping them to realise our vision for the project. Our aftercare support is second to none, and we’ll handle everything from commissioning and scene setting to replacing lamps in the future.

Our aim is to create a lighting solution that captures the vision behind your project and works in perfect harmony with the architecture and interior design, enhancing both.

A comprehensive

We bring together expert lighting design with state of the art lighting control, motorised window treatments and shading solutions.

The lighting design consultancy we offer manages lighting in every way. We can design light, control artificial light and regulate natural light. Our expertise in lighting control systems and shading solutions means our clients only need to deal with one company to achieve complete coordination of light, shading and control.

Our aim is perfection, the results speak for themselves

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