Edge of Luxus

Edges of Luxus, the new switches and sockets line, brings now the luxury and palace experience to the hand, combining extraordinary craftsmanship with pure design and rich tones, one of Luxus trademarks. With its exquisite details, solid precious metal and unrivalled shaping, the quality is expressed in both aesthetic and feel.


Inheriting the language of classical design. These switches are distinguished by their proportions, characteristic profiles and details.

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The cut, facets and sparkle worthy of precious stones. A bevelled design that embodies the scattering light of stellar interiors.

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Proud of its curves, proud of its style. Featuring an organic shape, this design cannot be compared to any other electrical device.

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A stunning minimalist design. The monolithic shape designed to become an icon.

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Amazing sharp and concave shape edges. Giving the illusion of floating on the wall.

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